I suppose you are here because you want to know more about me than my obvious passion for the yogas?

I grew up on Miami Beach when Miami Vice was lived out on the nightly news. The Beach transitioned from an aging Jewish community to a raving art scene made popular by foam parties and drugs Miami Vice tried to keep out. I originally went to school for photography wanting to document the changing streets but dropped out to photograph the world rather than sit in a classroom. In the back of a pickup truck in Guatemala I had one of those life changing moments, and went back to school for my nursing degree. Life is more fulfilling when asking, 'where can I best serve,' rather than trying to force the wold to serve some notion that I want.

I started practicing yoga after moving to Chicago for nursing school. I went to classes to meet 'healthy' people. I ended up meeting a healthy version of myself. Inside the silence of a yoga room I began to listen to the constant jabber going on inside my head. My head was filled with the chatter of a scared individual, trying to force himself to be a character he believed the world wanted him to be. Yoga brought me face to face with this confrontation and no place to run.

I wouldn't exactly call the practice of yoga fun, more like an experiment. By using the asana practice, the physical practice, as a tool for understanding, I began to surrender to what was happening outside, and started being ok with the situation inside myself. The struggle of twisting myself into the pretzel yoga shapes, things I once thought were impossible, is never ending. The same can be said about my struggle for self-acceptance. 

In 2014 I was recognized as a Level 1 Authorized teacher from the KPJAYI by Sharath to share the Ashtanga Yoga method as it was taught to me. On paper this means that I have accepted the responsibility of remaining a student, to continue my studies, accepting myself, surrendering to impossible, and transforming into possibilities. In teaching I wish to create a safe space for students to practice and experiment for themselves, to learn that a sense of calmness and acceptance can be attained. My studies have taken me from my roots in Miami studying with Kino McGregor, my first teacher, Chicago at Moksha Yoga Center with Todd Boman, and now to Los Angeles where I currently study with Jörgen Christiansson.

The traveling I have done inside my head both, on and off the yoga mat, has brought me face-to-face with myself. I wish I could tell you that it was an easy journey but that would be a lie. The best things in life are earned. The contentment found throughout the journey makes it worth it every day. Every day, live your dream. I welcome you to find your own path and look forward to practicing with you. You are worth it.