I suppose you are reading this because you would like to know more about me than my obvious passion for practicing and teaching yoga.


1985 Miami Beach

1985 Miami Beach

I grew up on a sailboat with two hippy parents and a cat. I learned to walk swaying from side to side / up and down and developed a bounce in my step to keep up with the shifting floor. We landed on Miami Beach when Miami Vice was in full swing. Holocaust survivors, smugglers, dealers, junkies, law enforcement, everyone had an alias and it was all a lie. Miami and all of it's excess was about to get a facelift. The floor beneath me was about to shift again. Attachment to what was would only bring suffering.

 I began my college education interested in photography and then to the disappointment of my parents, dropped out to photograph the world. In the back of a pickup truck in Guatemala I had one of those life changing moments and was inspired to return to school pursuing a career in medicine. Nursing school taught me the value of patience, persistence, and to be disciplined. The only way to get through it was to keep your hands clean and surrender.

Yoga happened by accident but was always there in the background. I moved to Chicago in 2007 for nursing school and began working at a pediatric clinic as a nurse assistant. Biking to school and work, running along the lakefront, my first yoga class that a colleague brought me to was painful. I couldn't touch my ankles let alone my feet or the floor but there was a challenge, a puzzle of shapes, and I went back the following week to unlock the puzzle. I didn't, but I fell down the rabbit hole.

I was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga in 2009 doing a led primary at Moksha Yoga Center with Kino MacGregor. It was like running a marathon; intense, awful, and I was happy when it was over. Two years prior I couldn't touch the floor, led primary with her, my foot went behind my head (With much effort on Kino's part!) Ashtanga Yoga was the key to the puzzle that I had been looking for.

After completing nursing school in 2011 I made my first trip to Mysore, India. It was supposed to be a one time trip. I am a nurse. I spent 4 years in school and $$$ for this.


Attachment only brings suffering.

The ground is always shifting. I became co-director of the Mysore program in Chicago after being authorized in 2014 and was asked to Los Angeles in 2015 to teach and continue my studies at Omkar108 directed by Jorgen Christiansson. 

I am still a nurse and when not teaching I also work at a clinic in Manhattan Beach. Life has a way of bringing it all back together. Once again I find myself living on a sailboat, and walking with a bounce in my step.

I recognize that each student takes their own path and I'm happy to be sharing the journey with you.