What's up DOC

Continuing down this raw rabbit hole food prep...

Say, what's up doc? 

Say, what's up doc? 

I have been eating this carrot dip for about a year when I feel inspired to make it, or am lazy and get one at the supermarket for 2X$$ (fail, Morgan)

It is stupid simple. (Measurements are aprox.)

1 bag of baby carrots

1.5 T EVOO (or other cold press oil)

1 handful of cilantro (leaves only)

2t cummin

Salt & Peper to taste

Stupid simple

Stupid simple

blend together in a vitamix or blender or take your time and shred those carrots by hand.

let it sit overnight to set up the flavors and add some avocado. Eat that guy as a dip or a spread on a sandwich.