I've learned the hard way that there is never a perfect moment or perfect time to hold out for. I've had to learn that those moments are created. Moments must be taken. Waiting for 'ready' is waiting for something that will never be. Ready is now and it is leaving faster than I would like it to move sometimes and sometimes slower to get here because I hesitate.

Then ready is gone. That perfect moment never happened because I waited. 

How can I get out of this habit of waiting for ready? How can I practice taking this moment as all I have and living for now? How can I get out of my head thinking about the 'what if?' What if it doesn't work out? What if someone/thing better comes along? What if this is not that perfect moment? What if they're right?

But what if they are wrong? What if they are scared too? What if it does work out and I own the moment? Ready, or not?

There is not a moment I was ready for yesterday. There are some moments I resisted and held myself back, phone calls I didn't make, etc. The moments I did take, where I gave my entire heart to the moment, I do not regret. Those moments that I took will fuel me on and into today. 

Those moments yesterday I am grateful for. They will help me adjust to other moments today when I am not ready. Those moments will help me move past the what if questions going on in my head because what if I don't?