How do you spell Y.O.G.A.


Oh God! What am I doing?

The one fighting against me in the ring is myself. He comes at me with jabs of doubt, an uppercut of non-truth and some MMA shit that tosses me from the ring. 

Some days I walk out of yoga practice like I crossed the finish line, Yeah! Arms in the air, victorious! Somedays I want to pull out my hair in frustration, anger, disbelief, hurt, and defeat. Oh my god! Why am I still doing this?!?! Still there are days I feel like a G. Like I can stand up to fear, and the facade, because the internal power, the love, can stand up to anything, like a spiritual gangster. (Or this could represent a gangster who stole a culture, and religion, profiting from it’s prostitution…) Someday’s it’s all about the Asana. It’s only about the physical practice, the workout. No matter how you spell it, YOGA is about stilling the waters of the mind, about union; the connection of feelings, breath, body, mind and spirit. 



I had this idea for a picture, sketched it a few times, inked it once, and finally drew it out on the computer. I shared it with a few friends and was encouraged to do ‘something’ with it. I didn’t believe it was worth sharing past those encouraging voices. My inner voice was loud, convincing that it is (I am) not worth sharing. 

The monster who tossed me from the ring is myself, so in some effect, I’m still in the ring. I’m still victorious! So tell me which voices am I listening? Can I tune myself out? Can I find some unity between encouragement and defeat?

Sure. Be bold. Sometimes the only one fighting in your corner is you. (with yourself)

So I decided to make this into a shirt. Do ‘something’ with it. Give back to the community that has given me this practice of self reflection.

10% of the profits from the sale of this shirt go directly to the kids at Operation Shanti in Mysore, India whom I have had the privilege of drawing and dancing with, vaccinating, learning from, and teaching.

I would love to hear how you spell YOGA. Which letter is it that has defined your day/week/month/year/lifetime. I would love to see you wearing one of these shirts. I’d love even more if you shared the idea with someone. The idea that you can be more than the voices, be actions.