Want long legs and a flat stomach?

Questions like that sounds like they belongs on the cover of Cosmo or the latest fitness media outlet of shame to make you desire something that you don't have.

Answer: YES but the answer isn't inside reading any of those magazines. The answer is in doing, getting your body moving, getting on the mat each day and practicing. 

The confusing part, the part that draws you into the story, the part that has you scream, WHAT DO I PRACTICE TO HAVE A FLAT STOMACH AND LONG LEGS? That draws you in . . .

On one hand you can spend hours at the gym working independently or with a trainer restricting foods, cutting calories, noticing some results but that feeling will crawl up and after reading one of those magazines shaming you, you will feel fat again.

The other way, living content and making your own peace by using a simple method that goes back centuries is far more appealing.  

There seems to be an abundance of photos on the interwebs of people practicing Ashtanga Yoga. In many of the photos with the hashtag Ashtanga one gets to see long shaved legs, flat stomachs, toned arms, a smile, possibly a beach or some outcropping of nature.

It's not uncommon to think that these people were born that way. That naturally they were flexible and strong, and that it took very little effort to look like they do.

You probably wish that you were naturally flexible and then you could do pretty poses on the beach at sunset. Or if you were strong you could hold a handstand in Times Square.

As a matter of fact, I know you can. I'm living proof of it.

It wasn't long ago that I was unable to touch my toes, or catch my hands around my back in a bind. Marichyasana D was impossible and I slipped out of C if I didn't have a towel over my knee. I struggled to show up to practice, and I hated that so and so could do this practice easily and I couldn't.

But I pushed on and found something that worked for me. 

I don't take photos of myself doing handstands, but I do cruise along the beach and smile contently. Sometimes I post a photo on Instagram as AshtangaNurse. Those arms that I thought were too short for jumping through or binding have grown and the legs that once held me down in Supta Kurmasana are at peace somewhere behind my head.

Here's the thing . . .

I continue to work at the asana daily. I didn't stop. Anyone can learn the skills and do this practice. It's a skill that once you know how to do it you will intrigue your friends. And you will begin to see a change in your demeanor.

Along the way you will learn so much about yourself, your friends, and the world. 

I started working on this project in the back of my mind over 3 years ago and this summer half-way around the world from my home in Los Angeles, Ashtanga Nurse was born. 

Today I want to share with you what Ashtanga Nurse is all about.

But first I feel that I should check, if you don't wish to receive any health tips or explanations about asana practice in Ashtanga Yoga. Please UNSUBSCRIBE

Ashtanga Nurse is about health care and ensuring that through the foundation of Ashtanga Yoga individuals reach their optimal health. 

There is a lot of information online about nutrition, drugs, diets, vaccines, injuries, antibiotic therapy, hormones, etc. Most of the information is general and for the mass market. Most of the information causes a great deal of confusion and conflicting ideas. At Ashtanga Nurse I will strive to break down the mass general information, get specific, and educate on the HOW's and WHY's of this information.

If you have specific questions I want you to reach out to me. I am here for you! 

Take for instance:

The Yoga Mala lists the benefits of Trikonasana as dissolving 'bad fat' at the waist, and bringing the body into shape.

But would you like to know HOW?

Simply doing trikonasana apart from the rest of the asana and continuing to eat and live as you were before will not dissolve bad fat. That logic will likely cause you to blame The Yoga Mala for being misleading. 

Misinformation, deceivious or not, having the wrong information, that is what the Ashtanga Nurse will clear up.

After this summer's course with Sharathji it is clear to me that the Mysore practice is the foundation for therapy and healing. The practice has always been about healing but it is moving more towards therapeutic health. 

Join me on this amazing journey and let's learn together!

Ask me your questions below or shoot me an email at 

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